7 Innovative Content Promotion Tips to Use in 2020

Advanced Content Promotion Strategies for 2020 in San Diego, CA

You’ve created some pretty solid content. How do you get it to go viral, or at least be read? Here are some advanced content promotion strategies for 2020, offered by the experts at Saba SEO, a top-tier San Diego SEO agency businesses rely on for exceptional service and premier digital marketing expertise.

1. Share Quotes from Authorities

Make sure to share a quote on your page that’s from an authority on social media. More often than not, the authority will share your post on his or her own site. This brings your content to his or her audience.

2. Create an Infographic

Does your content include an infographic? If not, create an infographic that sums up a concept from that piece of content. Next, share that infographic on social media. Infographics are the most popular item to share and can widen your audience.

3. Make a Video

Create a video that either repeats your content or takes a deep dive into some of the material in your content. Video continues to be king, and it can provide the opportunity for new customers to become familiar with your products.

4. Share on Instagram

Don’t forget to share a video snippet or photos from your content on Instagram. This is a good reminder to always use top-notch photography and images in your Instagram content.

5. Get Endorsements

An endorsement from an authority in your field or a social influencer is marketing gold. Share the endorsement on social media and watch new customers find your product and your site.

6. Join Groups

By joining industry-specific online and social media groups, you can share some of your high-quality content with other experts in your field. This audience is already interested in your content. Your colleagues are natural promoters. You might even find members will share your content in their own social media posts.

7. Repeat Posts

Don’t be afraid to repost your content. Introduce these posts with different words, and don’t forget to use hashtags.

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