Top Social Media Apps to Use in 2021

Social media is at the heart of most digital interactions and online marketing strategies today. What’s more, many online users now spend most of their time with apps. This happens to be one of the top reasons there are some social media apps you should, at the very least, know about in 2021. Keep reading for a rundown of some of the more notable ones, brought to you by the pros at Saba SEO, a premier digital marketing firm specializing in SEO, social media, and Internet marketing. San Diego business owners should adjust their online marketing strategies to take advantage of these popular apps.


Boasting more than 2 billion regular users, Facebook offers many attractive features that make it worth exploring and using. For marketing purposes, you can narrow down your focus to specific locations and other key factors. It’s also a great way to tap into a larger base of potential customers in one convenient place.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s private messaging app allows you to present a variety of ad types that include inbox ads and sponsored messages. Users’ contacts are also linked from Instagram and Facebook, allowing for even greater reach potential.


Often dismissed as primarily being a video platform, YouTube is a social media app that offers many more marketing and engagement opportunities than you may realize. The world’s second-largest search engine, it’s a mobile app that can be used to:

• Demonstrate or introduce new products
• Respond to frequently asked questions
• Show ads to users likely to be interested


While initially gaining attention as a photo-sharing app, Instagram is now an appealing digital marketing tool. It can be used to showcase products, encourage instant purchases, and present video content. It’s also a powerful engagement booster thanks to features that include:

• Stories
• Reels
• Instagram Live
• Shoppable tags


More than half of all marketers surveyed reported using this social media app in 2021. It also remains the go-to professional platform for engagement and interaction. For B2B marketers, it can be a gold mine of sorts in terms of the potential results it can deliver with the help of features that include:

• LinkedIn ads
• Sponsored direct messages
• New product pages

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media apps you should know in 2021. For instance, TikTok is good for short video content aimed at a younger audience. Brands targeting younger consumers have also flocked to Snapchat in recent years. Additionally, there’s plenty of engagement potential with Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and newcomer Clubhouse.

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