New PPC Strategies for 2022 Every Online Company Needs to Adopt

New PPC Strategies For 2022 That Every Online Company Needs to Adopt in San Diego, CA

With the new year will come new approaches to pay-per-click marketing, and every online company needs to pay careful attention to the newest PPC tactics that will matter most in the coming year. The San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO suggest online businesses need to embrace these new PPC strategies to thrive in 2022 and beyond.

More Reliance on PPC Automation

Making greater use of PPC automation saves an e-commerce company time and money. Getting the maximum benefit from PPC automation requires knowing your target market, making correct keyword choices, tracking conversions, and focusing on effective advertising.

Smart Bidding for Auction Sites

Smart bidding performs more detailed calculations of conversion rates with greater accuracy and is an effective tool for implementing business strategies. Transparent reporting tracks the performance of bidding strategies and predicts the likely effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Self-diagnostics alert you to any glitches in the smart bidding system.

Amazon Paid Ads

Paid ads with Amazon are gaining popularity by offering online sellers an advantage that Google and Facebook paid ads don’t provide. Unlike the competition, Amazon creates more significant potential for conversions with saturation advertising. Amazon places a seller’s message across the internet and not just on Amazon’s official site.

Utilizing Social Media

Globally, 3.96 billion people use social media. From 2022 on, the number of individuals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms is expected to grow 12.5 percent each year. These numbers emphasize the value of placing PPC ads on social media sites. The typical social media user has accounts with eight platforms, so place your advertisements on multiple social media sites.

Finding Your Target Audience

Using search parameters you set, such as age and income, audience targeting finds your ideal market demographic. Using effective keywords and tailoring your site’s landing page to appeal to your perfect customer are essential to successful target audience marketing.

Advertising with Bumper Videos

Bumper videos are a must for PPC ads. A bumper video runs for six seconds on video-sharing sites like YouTube. Good bumper videos help consumers remember your company. There’s no skipping a bumper video because of its integration into the main video.

Voice Searches

Approximately 50 percent of consumers use voice recognition to surf the web. Advancements in vocal command technology will likely make voice-responsive PPCs the wave of the future.

Visual Searches

During a visual web search, the consumer peruses a seller’s site using a photo of the item the shopper desires. Visual searching leads buyers to precisely what they’re looking for more quickly.


Consider the following hypothetical situation. Let’s say a consumer visits, views the Gizmo Extraordinaire, and then leaves the site without making a purchase. Rather than accept the loss of a sale, can use remarketing ads to try and convert the view into income. Any time the potential buyer visits any website, a remarketing PPC ad will remind the viewer of his or her interest in the Gizmo Extraordinaire.

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