Expert Tips on Analyzing Your SEO Competitors

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If your opponent is coming from the east, attack from the west, unless there are potential customers in the east. This variation of Sun Tzu’s philosophy highlights the importance of keeping tabs on your competition, especially when they’re going after the same consumers. One of the leading San Diego SEO companies shares a few tips on how to analyze your SEO competitors.

Identify Who Your Competitors Are

You may think you know who your online competitors are, but there are always new businesses entering into the game. Start by searching for your own business on Google like a typical customer would do. Make a list of all the businesses that come up along with yours. These are your competitors. Don’t count the large retail brands like Walmart and Amazon. Instead, focus on competitors within your niche.  

Check Their Traffic Flow

SEMRush is one of several sites you can use to observe the organic search traffic for your competition. Link Research Tools is another important data platform you can use to dive deep into your competitors’ SEO profiles. Metrics to pay attention to include:

• Domain authority and age

• Social shares

• How often other sites link back to theirs (link velocity)  

Evaluate Your Competitors’ Content

Take a look at the specific types of content your competitors are distributing and how much engagement they’re getting from it. Check out their websites, blogs, social media pages, and directory listings. Explore even further and read the comments on their social pages and on review sites. This will give you an idea of how your customer base views the competition. Also consider the points listed below:

• How many active followers they have on each social account

• Incentives they’re offering, such as coupon codes and promotions

• What topics they’re discussing in their blogs and social posts

There will always be other businesses going after the same audience online. At Saba SEO, not only can we help you find out what’s working for your competitors, but we can also help identify the needs you may be overlooking for your own company. With a team of professional SEO experts, we can fine-tune your existing engagement efforts to boost your ranking and attract high-quality leads. If you have an SEO plan in mind, give us a call today at 858-951-1717. We’d love to help you achieve it.