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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make

As any small business in San Diego can verify, a new year brings new challenges. Technology plays a pivotal role in how a business operates, and embracing the current trends and innovations can often lead to massive windfalls in sales, profits, and savings. In fact, local IT consultants in San Diego recommend that all businesses […]

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New Years Resolutions for Businesses

SEO Trends for 2015: Saying Goodbye to PBNs

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come and go. In many cases the tactics that worked amazingly well a couple of years ago will absolutely destroy your website’s rankings today. Such is the way of the Internet. But SEO specialists are always analyzing and adapting to changes with the search engines, and with the holidays upon […]

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SEO Trends for 2015

Saba Shares Wisdom with Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners

  This past weekend, Saba was honored to be part of the great Entrepreneurial Round Robin event hosted by Accion, an organization dedicated to giving individuals the financial tools they need to improve their lives through successful business ventures. The professionalism and friendliness that was shown to us made for a great atmosphere and made […]

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Saba SEO - Presentation

Penguin 3.0 Update Guidelines

The purpose of Penguin, a filter that sits on top of Google’s regular algorithm, is to reduce search engine rankings that violate Google’s ranking guidelines. The current update, introduced in October 2014, is Penguin 3.0, affecting less than one percent of search engine queries. While Google describes this update as a “refresh with no new […]

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Penguin 3.0

How Does Google Determine Rankings?

Google takes several different factors into consideration when determining how a site will show up after that initial search request is entered. Understanding Google’s search criteria can help you optimize your own website so that it will rank higher, preferably somewhere within the first page of returned results, since searchers aren’t likely to browse through multiple pages. […]

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Search Engine Result Pages

What is B2B Content Marketing and Why is it Important?

  In simplest terms, business-to-business content marketing refers to content that is aimed at other businesses. More and more B2B marketers are finding that content is the single most powerful and versatile tool, and are utilizing content that is relevant to the intended audience beyond an obvious sales pitch.

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Content Strategies for Businesses in San Diego, CA

How to Write a Good Title Tag & Meta Description

Title tags and accompanying meta descriptions are designed to entice customers to click on your particular link when searching for products and services. Since title tags and meta descriptions are key factors in how your site is ranked on SERPs (search engine results pages), it’s important to

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Writing Title Tags and Descriptions

5 Ways to Kickstart an SEO Strategy Today

Ready to dive into search engine optimization? But what if you don’t have the time to create engaging content with the proper amount of keywords per page and monitor the results? While it is always wise to consult with a professional SEO company in San Diego for some serious implementation of SEO techniques, there are […]

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SEO Strategists in San Diego

The Importance of Hyperlocal Keywords in SEO

The key to standing out online for many business in today’s competitive marketplace is to go local – very local. Welcome to hyperlocal search engine optimization. It’s an effective strategy that can be implemented in several ways.

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Hyperlocal Search Engine Optimization

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Over the last few years, social media and other channels have become the focal point of internet marketing while the popularity of email marketing has plummeted. Many business owners have reported declining response rates for their email campaigns and, as a result, email marketing has been put on the back burner. However, every business owner […]

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effective email marketing