How to Create a Powerful Call to Action

Create the Perfect Call To Action in San Diego, CA

Effective content is essential to your online marketing efforts. Yet it’s the call to action that entices browsers to do what you want them to do. If you need some help polishing your CTAs, consider the following tips from San Diego internet marketing experts:

Use Command Verbs

A powerful CTA starts with a strong command verb that clearly states the requested action. Effective verbs typically include words like “call,” “buy,” and “click”.

Provoke an Emotion

An effective CTA is one that sparks enthusiasm by evoking an emotional response. For instance, “Buy now for free shipping!” is more effective than “Buy now!” since the thrill of getting free shipping as an added enticement.

Use Numerals When Possible

Numbers tend to catch the eye. When appropriate, include at least one key number in your CTA, as in “Shop today for fashions under $20!”.

Provide a Reason to Take Action

“Call today” for what? A CTA only packs a punch if you give someone a reason to do something. “Call today to request a free estimate” clearly provides a reason to call.

Play up Fear of Missing Out

Create a sense of urgency to take action. A CTA like “Call now while supplies last!” implies a need to make a decision now rather than later.

Tailor CTAs to Devices

The screen size on desktops/laptops and tablet computers is about the same, so a traditional CTA towards the bottom of the page is likely to be effective. Mid-page CTAs typically get more attention on mobile devices since users tend to want instant gratification.

Experiment with CTAs

Don’t be afraid to do some experimenting with your CTAs beyond the standard phrasing. The CTA “Call today for more information,” for instance, which is fairly generic, could be reworked as “Save the planet! Get more info on our green rewards program today!”.

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