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7 Hot Online Business Ideas

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on February 22, 2019

Online businesses are easier to start up now than ever before. The best part is they can bring in between $500 and $2,000 a month in your spare time. Whether you’re ready to go all out and quit your day job or want to create a side job, an online business allows you to work […]

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Awesome Online Business Ideas in San Diego, CA

How to Improve E-Commerce Navigation to Increase Sales

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on November 23, 2018

You’ve worked hard to entice potential customers with SEO-driven blog posts, fabulous Snaps, and thoughtful content curation. You finally have customers checking out your site, but suddenly they’re leaving the site. How do you retain customers and lead them to the products that brought them to your e-commerce site in the first place? The key […]

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Tips to Enhance E-Commerce Navigation in San Diego, CA

How to Discover and Monitor Bad Backlinks

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on June 25, 2018

Backlinks can go a long way toward adding credibility to your brand and website. However, when backlinks are “bad” they can do more harm than good. A bad backlink is an inbound link that is no longer active, from a source not relevant to your business, or generated for the purpose of fooling search engines. […]

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Tips on Monitoring Bad Backlinks in San Diego, CA

6 Instagram Suggestions for Local Businesses

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on May 23, 2018

Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites. The platform is a great way to expand your audience and target potential customers for your local business. Here are some effective ways to promote your business on Instagram, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a leading internet marketing service provider in San […]

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6 Instagram Tips for Your Local Business in San Diego, CA

Common Hreflang Tag Mistakes

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on May 21, 2018

If you have an e-commerce site that reaches an international audience, it’s important to properly utilize hreflang tags. Hreflang tags tell search engines which version of your site to show to visitors in different locations where people speak different languages. There are many common mistakes with hreflang tags that could have a serious impact on […]

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Top Hreflang Tag Mistakes in San Diego, CA

How to Give Your Online Reputation a Boost

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on April 30, 2018

More than 80 percent of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends, which is just one of the many reasons you should be as proactive as possible about protecting your brand’s image. In a digital world where negative things can quickly become viral, all it takes is a small dose […]

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Tips on Boosting Your Online Reputation in San Diego, CA

How to Perform a Basic Local Business Competitive Audit

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on April 18, 2018

It’s only natural for business owners to wonder why a competitor within the same local area is ranking higher in Google’s local pack. Since only three businesses are displayed, it’s important to figure out what your competitors are doing to better target the same audience. Performing a local business competitive audit is one of the […]

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Tips on Performing a Local Business Competitive Audit in San Diego, CA

6 Effective Ways to Get More Calls from Paid Search Ads

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on April 9, 2018

The purpose of some paid search campaigns is to encourage searchers to make a call to a particular business. An increasingly popular way to do this is with call-based paid search ads, also called call-only ads. It’s predicted that within the next few years paid search will generate more than 150 billion calls to businesses. […]

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6 Tips on Getting More Calls from Paid Search Ads in San Diego, CA

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on March 14, 2018

Claiming and verifying your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the easiest ways to improve your local SEO. GMB-verified businesses are more likely to show up in the Local Pack, Google Maps, and organic rankings. If your business qualifies, you can claim your GMB profile for free and list information like your phone […]

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3 Tips on Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing in San Diego, CA

10 Steps You Should Take to Optimize Your Website

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on February 28, 2018

You could have the most amazing website in terms of content, layout, and design, but it’s not going to do your business any good if it’s not optimized. Since most of your efforts with online engagement will eventually take searchers back to your website, it’s important to optimize it. San Diego web design professionals at […]

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10 Easy Steps to Optimizing Your Website in San Diego, CA