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8 KPIs You Should Use to Track User Engagement

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on April 15, 2019

No matter what type of business you have, it’s safe to assume you have specific goals in mind, known as key performance indicators (KPIs). When it comes to online engagement, it’s just as important to have goals. More importantly, you’ll want to know how well you’re achieving those goals, especially if you want to get […]

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What KPIs You Can Use to Track User Engagement in San Diego, CA

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on March 29, 2019

These days, with social media and other methods of reaching customers, you may be reconsidering email marketing altogether. Often, organizations are concerned their emails will end up in spam folders, so they avoid efforts at marketing through email. Is email marketing still a viable option? The marketing experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego […]

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Is Email Marketing Still a Viable Option in San Diego, CA

7 Tips for Small Businesses to Optimize Email Marketing

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on March 4, 2019

Why do 60 percent of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI? For starters, there are nearly 4 billion email users worldwide, a number that’s expected to keep rising. It’s also an easy way to reach out to on-the-go searchers with devices they can use to quickly check their inboxes. If you happen […]

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Ways to Optimize Email Marketing for Small Businesses in San Diego, CA

Optimizing a Google My Business Listing

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on January 2, 2019

If your business is primarily locally based, you should do everything possible to remain front and center for searchers within a certain geographic area, as it’s a crucial aspect of SEO. San Diego business owners need to claim their Google My Business (GMB) listing, which is a free directory that has the potential to put […]

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How to Optimize a Google My Business Listing in San Diego, CA

Mistakes Small Business Owners Need to Avoid

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 28, 2018

Starting a small business can seem overwhelming. The biggest fear new small business owners face is failure. The best way to avoid failure is to learn from the mistakes of others and heed some advice from reliable marketing companies. San Diego businesses as well as companies all over the world need to avoid making the […]

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Mistakes Small Business Owner Should Avoid in San Diego, CA

Why Should You Focus on Text-Based Marketing?

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 5, 2018

Cellphones have become the most valuable communication and entertainment tool. We check for messages, watch videos, and communicate effortlessly. It should be of no surprise that text-based marketing is now one of the top ways to contact your customers and present them an offer. Here are a few reasons to focus on text-based marketing, brought […]

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Reasons to Focus on Text-Based Marketing in San Diego, CA

Proven Tricks to Perfectly Mix Paid and Organic Strategies

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 3, 2018

Which is the better way to increase traffic to your website? Is it best to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or is search engine optimization (SEO) more successful? Both can be effective in getting visitors to your site. Learning which method is ideal for your business is the key to your success. The San Diego SEO […]

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Tips to Mix Paid & Organic Strategies in San Diego, CA

30 Online Marketing Tools You Can Use for Free [Infographic]

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 1, 2018

Online marketing is a crucial aspect of running a business in the modern age, and many of the tactics you’ll use to market your business on the Internet are going to cost some money. However, this isn’t always the case. The team at Saba SEO, one of the most trusted and reliable marketing companies in […]

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Top Content Tools to Use in 2018

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on November 21, 2018

Creating content can be time-consuming. Content tools can help you create high-quality material and promote it. These tools can range from SEO to promotion, all with the intention of increasing your audience. What are the top content tools you should be using in 2018? The experts at Saba SEO, one of the top marketing companies in […]

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Best Content Tools 2018 in San Diego, CA

Digital Marketers with Experience Offer Tips for Optimizing ROI

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on November 7, 2018

If you do an online search for “digital marketing tips,” you’ll find all kinds of advice. However, the suggestions that tend to carry the most weight come from experienced digital marketers. After all, they’re the ones who have a highly vested interest in optimizing their clients’ return on investment (ROI). They also tend to have […]

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Digital Marketing Tips in San Diego, CA