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Marketing on Social Media: The Numbers

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on July 8, 2019

It’s hard to believe social media didn’t exist at the start of the new millennium. Today, it’s something used by pretty much every age group on a regular basis, which is why it can be a powerful marketing tool. Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms for the purpose of brand or product promotion is […]

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The Statistics on Social Media Marketing in San Diego, CA

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important These Days?

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on May 8, 2019

If you want to increase your local search engine optimization (SEO), social media may be the secret to making your site rank on local searches. Here are a few reasons for the importance of social media marketing in today’s world, brought to you by the digital marketing professionals from Saba SEO, a premier marketing and […]

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Importance of Social Media Marketing These Days in San Diego, CA

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Ever Pay for Facebook Likes

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on February 15, 2019

With more than 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is clearly a powerful marketing tool and an effective way to direct attention to your brand. Plus, many consumers routinely check out what’s going on socially with a business before making decisions about what to buy or where to go locally. However, if you’ve been tempted […]

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Why Businesses Must Not Pay for Facebook Likes in San Diego, CA

How to Create a Simple Marketing Plan for Social Media

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 31, 2018

Communicating with your customers via social media is the most popular way to achieve regular communication. The social media experts at Saba SEO, a leading marketing, web development, and SEO company in San Diego, offer these amazing tips to help you create a simple social media marketing plan. Determine Your Audience Revisit who your audience is, […]

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Creating an Easy Marketing Plan for Social Media in San Diego, CA

Tips for Boosting Website Traffic Using Instagram

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on December 7, 2018

Instagram isn’t just about some pretty travel and food photos. It’s a creative type of social media that allows you to showcase your product in a sensational way. Instagram has proven to be the social media site where users convert to customers at a high percentage rate. The social media experts at Saba SEO, a […]

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Using Instagram for Boosting Website Traffic in San Diego, CA

9 Ways to Gain Traffic from Social Media

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on November 2, 2018

Social media is key to attracting new customers to both your website and your product. How do you get—and keep—their attention? Take a few tips from the experts at Saba SEO, one of the premier marketing companies in San Diego. Here, we offer 9 crucial steps to drive traffic from social media to your site. […]

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9 Tips on Designing a Successful Social Media Strategy in San Diego, CA

3 Simple Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on July 2, 2018

Social media plays an important role in online marketing, but does it affect SEO? Some data suggests there’s a correlation between your social media presence and your SEO ranking. The experts at several internet marketing service agencies believe social media impacts search engine optimization in the following three ways. 1. Builds Link Awareness Sharing links […]

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3 Ways Social Media Influences SEO in San Diego, CA

4 Reasons You Should Try Guest Podcasting

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on June 20, 2018

Guest posting is a great way to build links and expand your audience, but it’s not always the perfect strategy. If you already blog regularly, guest posting doesn’t give you much opportunity to create fresh content that will reach an entirely new audience. Instead, you could try guest podcasting. It might seem overwhelming to dive […]

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4 Reasons to Consider Guest Podcasting in San Diego, CA

A Quick Guide to Facebook Page Optimization

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on June 15, 2018

With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world. If your goal is to reach a massive audience to promote your brand and what you have to offer, Facebook may be the perfect platform for you. Here are a few tips on Facebook page optimization, brought to […]

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Tips on Optimizing Your Facebook Page in San Diego, CA

6 Instagram Suggestions for Local Businesses

By Saba SEO, 9:00 am on May 23, 2018

Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites. The platform is a great way to expand your audience and target potential customers for your local business. Here are some effective ways to promote your business on Instagram, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a leading internet marketing service provider in San […]

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6 Instagram Tips for Your Local Business in San Diego, CA