Top Tips for Communicating More Effectively with Your Clients

Learn How to Communicate more Effectively with Clients in San Diego, CA

As a trusted SEO agency in San Diego, we understand that effective communication with clients is the hallmark of successful businesses. Business owners who consistently connect in a positive manner with their customers have increased sales and a stronger customer base. With the multitude of mediums available today such as email, texting, instant messaging, and good ol’ fashioned calling, the key to staying connected on a personal level is following a few simple tips to make each and every client feel valued.

1. Develop Active Listening Skills

Effectual communication starts with active listening skills. Focusing on what the client is saying instead of formulating your response. Short phrases such as “I understand” and affirmative body language, like nodding your head, goes a long way in showing you’re paying attention.

2. Learn to Stay Silent

In addition to limiting background noise when face-to-face, don’t interrupt your client and wait to speak until he or she is finished. Interrupting people, even in agreement or excitement is a sign of disrespect and can make clients feel like what they’re saying isn’t important.

3. Choose Words Wisely

Use positive words instead of negative words and phrases when speaking to create an inviting atmosphere, and use their language when explaining a product or service. This doesn’t mean talk down to them, it just means use clear and concise language they’ll understand if they’re not a San Diego AdWords pro (and why would they be if they’re using your services?).

4. Be a Gracious Host

Asking the customer their preferred way of communication sends the message that they are important to you. Although some may prefer text messaging or email, others may prefer speaking on the telephone or face-to-face.

5. Take Notes

When speaking on the phone, Skype or even one-on-one, the likelihood of you forgetting something important is relatively high. Jotting down a few notes shows that you have a genuine interest with whom you are speaking, reinforcing your desire to make each client feel like a person and not a dollar sign.

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