Busting SEO Myths: Should You Post More Content?

Google SEO Mythbusting in San Diego, CA

Should you focus on creating more content or updating your old content? What’s best for your SEO strategy? Is more content better? The content marketing specialists from Saba SEO, a leader among the top San Diego marketing companies, offer the following advice that does some Google myth busting.

Should You Create More Content?

When you sit down to work on your content, should you create more, or should you upgrade and update your current content? In terms of SEO, Google doesn’t reward multiple pieces of duplicate content. Yet they do reward your site if it’s continuously updated. If you create several pieces of information with the exact same keywords, the Google bots will be confused. They may rank one piece of content higher, and that may not be your intention.

What Are SEO-Friendly Content Updates?

How do you update your content and boost your SEO at the same time? There are multiple ways of achieving this. Update your content with new expert quotes or information. If your original content was published in 2014 and you have a quote or new information from 2020, your SEO will improve. The reason is twofold. People searching for information will look for the latest news. They’re more apt to select a search result that’s newer. Second, Google wants to rank sites that show their expertise, but expertise isn’t simply about knowing your subject. You must also demonstrate you continuously update your information with the latest news and reports.

How Should You Package Your Information?

Maybe you have four or five pieces of content that could all be merged together into one authoritative piece of content. Many content creators aim for several 2,000-word documents, which shows expertise and knowledge. You can also consider creating an e-book or another sort of PDF file that’s shareable and printable. This can help you rank, and it also gives you the opportunity to create a shareable item on your social media.

What Kind of Maintenance Updates Should You Perform?

Instead of creating new content, make sure your old content has no broken links, bad grammar, or spelling. These small details can help you increase your SEO.

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