6 Vital Things to Keep in Mind for SEO Optimization

Things To Remember In SEO Optimization in San Diego, CA

SEO optimization is always changing. But keeping up to date with a few things can help you continuously adjust and rank. The SEO experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO agency, suggest these six things you should remember when you’re trying to maximize your SEO optimization efforts.

1. User Experience

Did you know Google now ranks you higher if your site has good UX? This means new customers can find what they’re looking for and stay on your site longer. If a potential customer quickly abandons your site, Google will rank you lower. What UX means is that your site is easy to navigate. It’s clean and easily searchable. The buy button is easy to find. Your site speed is fast. Your content is well crafted.

2. Mobile

Hand in hand with UX is mobile. A good user experience on mobile will keep a customer on your site longer, which means improved latency and your site has been upgraded to responsive design. Over half of all local searches are done on mobile devices. Don’t lose that advantage with a slow-running site.

3. Little Optimizations for Big Results

Never pass up an opportunity to optimize for SEO. This can include tweaking your images, titles, and even subtitles.

4. Keywords

You should only have one piece of content attached to a keyword. Otherwise, the Google bots won’t know which piece to rank. If you currently have two or more pieces of content with the same keyword, either merge them or change the keywords for the pieces of content you don’t want found first. This way, you have some control over what a customer finds when he or she enters your keyword in a search.

5. High-Quality Content

High-quality content that has keywords, branded keywords, backlinks, and internal links will help your site rank. Creating a few longer pieces with more than 1,000 words is advisable. Always check for spelling and grammatical errors.

6. Local SEO

More than half of all mobile searches are for local businesses. How is your local SEO? Start out by claiming a free Google My Business account for each and every one of your locations. Include photos, social media and website links, and a good description of your company. 

If you need help making sure your website is performing as well as it should, turn to the pros at Saba SEO. True to our name, we’re one of the top search engine optimization firms in San Diego. SEO, internet marketing, web design, web development—whatever you need, our experts can serve your business in ways that are sure to result in increased conversion rates and more traffic. To schedule an appointment with one of our SEO experts, call us today.