Facebook to Test Its Latest Ads Feature in Marketplace

Facebook Releases Its Latest Marketplace Ads Feature in San Diego, CA

The Facebook team recently announced they will be testing ads in their Marketplace section, which was introduced last year as a place for users to buy and sell items like toys, clothing, and sports equipment. Facebook users can even advertise apartments or look for jobs in the Marketplace. This new feature could have a lasting impact on internet marketing. San Diego SEO experts discuss the latest ads feature in detail.

The Marketplace is very similar to Craigslist, and it has been extremely successful in the past year. Users can search for a wide variety of items in their location, and sellers can easily list items that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of users. In May 2017, there were more than 18 million items listed for sale on the platform. Because of the Marketplace’s success, Facebook plans to incorporate ads to boost their revenue.

The ads will look similar to the organic listings in the Marketplace, with a picture of a single product with the advertiser’s name. However, they will have a “Sponsored” label so users can easily see which items are ads. When you click on the ad, it will open the advertiser’s main site or product page. The ads will only be visible when you scroll down the main feed, so they won’t be present in any category-specific feeds.

A Facebook spokesperson announced that only a small percentage of Marketplace users will view the ads during the testing period. Before they make any changes or move forward with the process, they’ll evaluate the selected users’ responses to the ads. A few brands have agreed to have their products placed in the Marketplace as ads.

It may be a while before most Facebook users see ads in the Marketplace. However, this could be a good way for Facebook to earn ad revenue in areas other than people’s Facebook feeds.

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