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The Basics of Building Online Business Reviews

How to Build Online Business Reviews in San Diego, CA

Word of mouth and customer feedback is worth gold for businesses when it comes to building their online reputation. A strong presence builds trust with your services and creates more leads. When it comes to online marketing in San Diego, reviews are practically a necessity to build a professional perspective about your products or services. The following tips will help you build your customer base through reviews.

1. Find Your Primary Review Sites

You want to make sure customers have a connection to your business profile on review sites. Access to your profile makes it easy for those who have worked with you to find you online and state their opinion. Not all review sites will be right for you specific business, so it is best to narrow down a primary sites that you can direct customers to.

2. Ask for Reviews

Most customers who are satisfied with your services won’t think about leaving a review. You will want to remind them to leave their feedback on the review sites you are on. Email campaigns or surveys you send customers can encourage them to leave a glowing review and help boost your ratings.

3. Use Strategy

Reviews boost your reputation and build your online presence through search engines. Each review adds to your SEO efforts through keywords that are left in the feedback of customers. Updating your various profiles and business website with these relevant keywords will help others find you online.

4. Connecting to Social Media

Each review that is added also praises your professional image. You can build on these positive responses by connecting to social media. When reviews are left, add in social shares and connects, turning the reviews into campaigns so your positive reputation is easily seen.

5. Highlight Reviews on Your Website

Many review sites allow you to add in the feedback to your website. If you have a page for a certain product or service, you can add the review, similar to testimonials. This link allows you to further convince customers of your professional and positive experiences.

The reputation you build online creates a strong foundation for your business. Using online reviews to build trust and as a marketing strategy allows you to stand out from the crowd while promoting your business.

Online reviews are just one of the many building blocks in a successful online marketing campaign. If you could use help with social media, AdWords, or SEO in San Diego, give us a call at (858) 277-1717 and chat with one of our friendly marketing experts.