What is Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer

If you are a business owner that is striving to connect with the online market, you probably know that having a well-designed website is large part of SEO and promoting your brand. Google Web Designer is a fairly new tool that can be useful for these purposes.

What is Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer is a web design program that was released in August of 2014 for the purpose of providing webmasters and business people with a means of creating professional-grade web content.


Google Web Designer utilizes HTML5 to create content centered on interaction. It provides the option to utilize animation and other engaging features to keep visitors interested in your site while delivering information through blog posts and other content. This program also allows web designers to integrate sites with many other Google products such as AdWords, Google Drive, Maps, and Double Click Studio.

Websites created using this program can be fully interactive through various aspects such as tap area, frame, YouTube videos, and an image gallery. When used with smart devices, websites can also react to motions such as swiping, tilting, rotating, touch, and shaking. Called ‘events’ by Google, these motions can trigger a variety of options that can be customized. There is also a large degree of flexibility in terms of pages and navigation. Both 3D and 2D objects can be created to make your site even more unique. Google Web Designer can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • A wide range of flexibility that is not available in many template-based web design tools
  • No coding experience required
  • Access to complex features such as motion interaction
  • Free to download


  • Complicated for beginners
  • Limited options for advertisements

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