3 Tips for Organizing Digital Assets to Enhance Content Marketing

How to Organize Digital Assets to Enhance Content Marketing in San Diego, CA

Content is the heart of most online marketing efforts. That being said, content isn’t going to be all that useful if it’s not well organized and prioritized. In some situations, you might not have enough content. However, it’s more common these days for businesses to have so much content it becomes overwhelming. Read on to discover three smart ways to organize your content-related digital assets, provided by Saba SEO, one of the top-tier marketing companies in San Diego.

1. Know What You Already Have

Before you take any other steps, you’ll have to know what content you already have. Create a database or a basic spreadsheet that clearly inventories your content. Take note of such things as: 

  • The date each piece of content was created
  • Who the target audience is/was
  • What product and/or service it’s related to
  • Whether or not it’s still easily accessible (e.g., do you own the source file?)
  • The source of the content (e.g., written by you or your staff or acquired from an outside source)
  • How effective the existing content has been

2. Determine Your Content’s Status

Assign a status to each piece of content so you’ll know what’s usable, what’s not, and what needs some attention before it can be used. A simple way to do this is to focus on three main questions about your content: 

  • Is it still relevant and usable?
  • Is it clearly something that’s no longer relevant?
  • Does it need to be updated before it can meet your needs again?

2. Identify the Content You Actually Need

Once you know what you have and the status of each piece of content, identify any gaps you have within your content. This way, you can focus on what you actually need without wasting your time duplicating content that’s still viable. Having a better understanding of your content also allows you to: 

  • Determine how your content aligns with your marketing goals and objectives
  • Figure out how to leverage your content in a more effective way
  • Put together a cost-effective and sensible plan to update existing content or obtain what you need

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