How to Utilize Social Media Platforms for Your Keyword Research

Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Your Keyword Research in San Diego, CA

At one time, it made sense to focus mostly on search behavior on actual search engines and not social media activity when doing keyword research. However, more people are now using social media to search for information related to businesses, products, and services and to comment about content. As a result, various social platforms can be reliable sources of keyword data. Below, the experts from Saba SEO, a top-tier SEO company San Diego businesses rely on for premier digital marketing expertise, explain more about using social media for keyword research.

Facebook Ad Targeting

This is a Facebook feature that can allow you to get specific data about your target audience’s preferences. Even if you’re not sure who your target market is, data from Facebook can be used to narrow down your keyword selections based on added insights into behaviors and preferences related to:

• Location/geography
• Age, sex, and gender
• Interests, workplace details, and connections

Trending Twitter Topics

A lot of what’s trending on Twitter is based on newsworthy topics. Pay particular attention to the comments and questions these topics inspire. You may be able to choose keywords to include in your content that address concerns or sentiments your own audience may have about trending topics.

Instagram Hashtags

Many businesses are already using Instagram hashtags for lead-generation purposes. Look at hashtags related to your niche or market for possible keywords you may not be using. Browse through captions related to posts associated with those hashtags for more keyword ideas.

Pinterest Content

If you do specific searches for things like “B2B marketing ideas” or “kitchen design trends,” you can get suggestions for keywords or terms related to your preferred topic. Pinterest also has the same auto-fill search feature as Google. Simply enter your main keyword term or a long-tail keyword phrase in the search box to find out what related terms other Pinterest users are entering as they browse.

There are many social platforms that can help you gain important audience insights. For instance, LinkedIn can be used to look for keyword ideas in content being posted by influential people in your field or industry. Comments associated with YouTube content can serve a similar purpose. Finally, do some exploring on niche-based platforms like WhatsApp, Tumblr, Reddit, and Line to round out your keyword research.

Whether you need help creating an effective keyword strategy or you’re looking for a top-tier professional firm to create high-quality SEO campaigns for your business, call on the experts from Saba SEO. We’re a premier provider of SEO service San Diego businesses have trusted for fifteen years. Reach out to one of our specialists today at 858-277-1717.