Tips for Optimizing Keywords & Meta Descriptions to Boost SEO

Regarding content marketing, the meta description and keyword fields can seem like minor details with little importance. However, these elements are some of the most important things on your website as well as in search engine results. Which sites do you remember reading through even though there were hundreds of other websites listed in your search results? The ones that piqued your interest enough to click on them first. That’s the power of great copywriting and effective SEO techniques. The marketing experts at Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, offer some tips to help you write with SEO in mind.

Use Keywords Naturally

You don’t want to put a keyword in your meta description that doesn’t fit the context of your article. Make sure the keywords match your content. The keyword you use shouldn’t appear in the URL of the page. 

Make the First Sentence of Your Article a Summary

If your first sentence is interesting, it will encourage the user to continue reading. Determine what your article is about and which keywords you want to rank for, and then write the first sentence of your article. If you can, try to include the keyword you plan on optimizing for in the first sentence. 

Answer the Reader’s Questions

Make sure you address the reader’s concerns and questions. If people are on your page and reading your article, you’ve done your job and are providing them with the information they want and need. If you’re targeting long-tail keywords, you likely have many questions you need to answer. You can use your meta description and keywords to answer the questions the reader is most likely asking.

Add the Page’s Target Keywords

Target keywords that are relevant to your topic and will generate traffic and leads. If you’re targeting long-tail keywords, make sure you’re using a maximum of two keywords in your meta description and keyword fields. You don’t want to stuff these fields with keywords, as that will likely result in search engines deleting your article or lowering your ranking.

The final thing you’ll want to do is edit your meta description and keyword fields. Make sure they’re accurate and in line with what you would expect your competitors to use. Your meta description and keyword fields should entice readers and encourage clicks.

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