How Can UX Boost My Rank?

UX boost for SEO in San Diego, CA

User experience, better known as UX, can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. UX also keeps your customers on your site, giving you more sales opportunities. The experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company, offer these tips to rank better with user experience marketing.

Fast Load Times

Deciding to host a fast-loading site instead of a beautiful but slow-loading site is casting a vote for good UX. Most users will leave a site if it takes longer than two seconds to load. A fast-loading site means photos and graphics are compressed. Minimalist design is faster loading and makes it easier for a site visitor to navigate.

White Space

Cluttered sites are out. Lots of white space on your website makes it easy for customers to navigate your site, pinpoint what they’re looking for, and find the buy button. If it takes them too long to find what they’re looking for, they might abandon your site and go to your competitor.

Deep Dives

Demonstrate you’re an expert in your field by creating content that goes beyond the surface. Go the extra mile and include content that takes a deep dive into related topics. Interview experts for their endorsements. Link related content within your website. Ask people you’ve interviewed for backlinks. Because you’ve established yourself as an expert, all these details give your customers advanced information, which helps you rank higher with Google because you’ve provided good UX.


Offering an FAQ page helps users get answers to all their questions on one page. How do you find these questions? Start with your social media, emails, and blog comments. Your question-and-answer section could even rank on the very first page of search results—Google is always looking for answers to frequently asked questions.

Target Audience

Your language online should be targeted to your specific audience. You know who your customers are as well as their preferred media. Speak to your specific audience for the best UX and higher SEO ranking.

Optimizing your website’s user experience can be crucial to keeping your business competitive. Whether you need a web design expert or a search engine optimization specialist, reach out to Saba SEO. As a leading San Diego SEO company, we have more than ten years of experience in website design and digital marketing. Our web development specialists can create a responsive, mobile-friendly website for your business that’s sure to boost your online ranking. Give us a call at 858-277-1717 to talk to one of our website design specialists.