How to Manage a Drop in Your SEO Rankings

Ways to Manage a Drop in Your SEO Rankings in San Diego, CA

SEO is beneficial when you’re getting a steady flow of traffic, productive leads, and high conversion rates. However, when your SEO rankings drop, you should address the problem. Here are a few things you need to do to manage a drop in your online ranking and increase web traffic.

Find Out If Google Has Made Updates or Penalized You

Review Google Analytics data to see if the drop in rankings relates to certain aspects of your SEO such as organic results. If the drop is sudden and unexpected, there may have been a new Google rollout you missed. Also check for Google penalties that may require your attention, and consider these fixes:

  • Ask Google for further clarification on any penalties you don’t understand
  • Read up on new Google changes and adjust your content or site design accordingly
  • Connect with other businesses in your network to see if they’ve experienced similar issues and ask what they’ve done about it

Determine If There Are Issues with Your Links

Having relevant and high-quality links shows your website has relevance and credibility. Make sure to check if any links have been removed from your site recently, and see if the links pointing to your site are still active. Fix these issues by:

  • Removing or fixing broken internal and external links
  • Removing links where the source is no longer relevant to your content
  • Reaching out to site owners to find out why links were removed
  • Acquiring new external links by reaching out to online influencers

Address Recent Changes to Your URL and Website Content

Changing your URL is similar to starting all over again with your SEO efforts because Google will consider new URLs as new pages. If you can’t revert back to your old URL, do a 301 redirect to the new URL. You may also experience a dip in rankings if you’ve recently made substantial changes to your website content. If this is the case, you should:

  • Reflect your new keywords in your page and meta tags
  • Try A/B testing with your new content to see what ranks better
  • Go back to your original content and make slower changes to your content rather than doing it all at once

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