9 Ways to Gain Traffic from Social Media

9 Tips on Designing a Successful Social Media Strategy in San Diego, CA

Social media is key to attracting new customers to both your website and your product. How do you get—and keep—their attention? Take a few tips from the experts at Saba SEO, one of the premier marketing companies in San Diego. Here, we offer 9 crucial steps to drive traffic from social media to your site.

1. Utilize Visuals

Infographics, photos, and video are the shiny objects that grab the attention of potential customers because they stand out. As mobile continues to grow, visuals become more important.

2. Share Content Multiple Times

Even the most prolific organizations find it difficult to share new information several times a day, 365 days a year. Often, the information or product caters to a variety of audiences and voices. By recycling your material using different introductions, you may get attention from a customer who didn’t notice you the first time around.

3. Customize Different Messages for Each Social Media Platform

Don’t just cut and paste the same content to each social media platform. Different social media platforms require different messages. While Twitter requires a limited amount of characters, platforms like Facebook allow for more details. Also, your audience could be different on each platform. Consider each audience when writing posts, and speak to them. Customize for greater success.

4. Create a Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar records dates of industry events, organizational highlights, and product releases on a digital calendar. The next step is to add websites, blog topics, and social media posts to the calendar to skillfully coincide with the bigger events. A social media calendar also determines how often you post on each platform. Social media sites such as Twitter require at least five posts a day, while Facebook and LinkedIn may only require a couple of posts a week. Be thoughtful in organizing your calendar.

5. Compare and Contrast Competitors

Who are your competitors? Have you examined their social media messages and branding? This is an opportunity to see holes your organization can fill.

6. Be Consistent

If your organization decides to post a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday at a particular time, your customers are going to expect this.

Being consistent is key to social media success. By having someone manage and adhere to the social media calendar, your organization gives your customer the subconscious message that you’re consistent and reliable.

7. Engage with Your Customers

If you’re only posting messages, you’re shouting at your audience. Always answer questions posed on social media in a timely manner. About one-third of customers use social media to contact an organization. Make it a priority to engage with your customers for results.

8. Monitor Results

Examine social media analytics as well as Google analytics for trends. While changes aren’t necessarily immediate, monitoring can determine if your strategy is successful and which platforms are performing best.

9. Make Necessary Adjustments

After examining analytics, begin to tweak and make adjustments. If your organization finds one mode of social media is more successful in driving users to your website, consider ramping up that platform.

If another platform is underperforming, determine if your strategy was fully implemented. Have you upgraded photos or used infographics or video to accompany text? Do you have mobile-friendly responsive design? The answers to these questions will guide your next steps.

When it comes to social media and internet marketing, San Diego business owners need look no further than the professionals at Saba SEO. Social media management is only one of our many specialties. We also offer expertise in everything from SEO to search engine marketing and web design. San Diego business owners who would like to speak with one of our consultants should call us today at 858-277-1717.