How to Boost Link Building in 2017

How to Boost Link Building in 2017

Link building is one of the best ways to improve your search rankings in 2017. In recent years, Google has made several updates to its algorithm to focus on the quality of links rather than the quantity of links. Experts at a renowned SEO firm in San Diego County share a few tips on link building in 2017.

To generate high-quality links, it’s important to consider the authority and relevance of the site linking back to yours. A highly reputable news site linking to your website will be much more beneficial than a small blogger. Also, the more relevant the site is to your area of expertise, the better.

The link’s position on the page matters as well. If the link to your site is embedded within a blog or article, Google’s algorithm will give it more weight than if it appears in the footer of a webpage. The anchor text can also impact your search engine rankings. If a site links to you with a keyword relevant to your site, it can boost your rankings.

To generate links from third-party sites, you can utilize some strategies in your content creation and outreach attempts.


Images, charts, and infographics are great types of content for generating links because they’re completely unique to your site. Every time someone shares your visual content, you could get a link.


List posts include valuable information in an easy-to-read format, and they help generate backlinks.

Original Data

If you provide original data or research, anyone who wants to use that data will link to you. Articles or blog posts with original data include plenty of specific pieces of information that a wide variety of websites could use and cite.

Email Outreach

One helpful way to generate links is to find a site with similar content to yours and send them a personalized email. Let them know you enjoy their content and have created similar content on your site.

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