10 Ways You Can Boost Your Online Ranking

10 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility in San Diego, CA

Securing the top spot on Google’s search engine results pages is essential for any business to survive. However, Google is mysterious in how and when they change their algorithms. If you want to boost your online ranking, consider the following suggestions, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO.

1. Create a Responsive Website

More and more users search on their mobile devices. Updating your site to have a responsive design can enhance user experience and increase your Google ranking. Always test the site on a mobile device to ensure it’s easy to use.

2. Design a Page for Each of Your Products and Services

Create a separate webpage for general information and individual pages for more details. Individual pages help Google determine your expertise. Ultimately, this helps your site rank higher. Don’t forget to include a page with your local information to improve your local Google ranking as well.

3. Update Broken Links

Broken links could drive away potential customers and reduce your SEO ranking. Checking for broken links can be as easy as using Dead Link Checker or manually double-checking the links on each of your webpages.

4. Invest in Visual and Video Content

Everyone is competing for user time, and visuals are the key to standing out from your competitors. Videos, high-quality photos, and infographics break up wordy pages and give users a sense of your brand and product. Video is especially growing with mobile users. YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google.

5. Include Your Business Details in All Your Webpages

To boost your search engine ranking, include your name, address, and phone number on every page of your website.

6. Acknowledge All Reviews

Whether on Yelp or Facebook, acknowledging all reviews can boost your SEO ranking. If the review is negative, write an appropriate reply. If the review is positive, make sure to thank the reviewer.

7. Add Details to Your Homepage

A homepage with a lot of details such as your expertise, products, and location helps Google rank your site better.

8. Establish Credibility by Using Links

When creating content, make sure to link to high-quality sources. Including links adds credibility to your website.

9. Utilize Headers

Headers break up text, and they also help your SEO. Make sure to use long-tail keywords in your header. To improve your SEO, don’t publish more than 300 words of text before adding a new header.

10. Always Create Rich, High-Quality Content

Google rewards websites that continuously produce rich content. The topics should be relevant to your site and to what customers are currently looking for. Providing high-quality information can boost your SEO and bring new customers to your site. Strategically look at every page, and edit content that is outdated or no longer fits.

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