4 HTML Errors All SEOs Should Know

HTML Errors for SEO

Have you ever visited a website only to find the page you requested was nowhere to be found? You likely encountered a three-digit HTML status error, which isn’t only frustrating for users, it can damage a website’s ability to rank highly in search engine results pages. Find out which HTML status errors do the most damage to SEO initiatives and user-friendliness.

  1. Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

    Most San Diego SEO experts know about error 505. It is a widely seen message that appears when an internal error of some sort meets with a web server problem such as a sever overload. If we go by search statistics at Google, error 500 messages account for 63 percent of the error messages online, and are twice as common as 404 error messages.

  2. Error 404 (Not Found)

    Does this one look familiar? The 404 error message appears when the user tries to access a resource, like a web page, that doesn’t exist on the server. Broken links, a mistyped URL, or a webmaster that simply misplaced or deleted an old web page are the usual causes for a 404. Although the most well known, the 404 error accounts for 28 percent of the error messages viewed by surfers.

  3. Error 403 (Forbidden)

    When you see a 403 message, it means that you are forbidden to have access to information on a web page. For SEOs, it’s important to make sure that all website links go to an actual web page file name and extension, as those that lead to a directory will show a 403 error. The 403 accounts for 26 percent of the error messages encountered on the Internet.

  4. Error 301 (Moved Permanently)

    Commonly seen on the web, this is a permanent redirect instruction indicating that a webpage has moved or changed. It displays the original location and the new location. The error can result from changes to a domain name or a web page name. An incorrect path to a web page, to another site or even another place on the same site can also be a usual cause for the message. Google statistics indicate 25 percent of web error messages are due to a 301 error.

As a SEO or webmaster, it’s extremely important to make sure your website doesn’t return any of the above errors. If your not a professional web designer in San Diego and aren’t sure how to properly code or rearrange your website to prevent certain errors from appearing in front of users, reach out to Saba, Inc. today and request your free website audit.

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