Non-HTTPS Sites Will Soon Be Marked “Not Secure” in Chrome

Non-HTTPS Sites to Be Marked Not Secure in Chrome in San Diego, CA

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers because of its great security. Recently, Google announced they have plans to make their browser even more secure by adding a warning to all HTTP websites. Experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego marketing companies, discuss Google’s plan and its potential impact on businesses.

Currently, Google places a “secure” label to the left of the URL on HTTPS sites. Starting in January 2017, HTTP sites that require passwords, credit card details, or other personal information were flagged as insecure, and users were warned before visiting the site. Any information a user provides over an HTTP connection could be read by a third party.

Google has been warning users about potentially insecure sites for about a year, but this new change will make Chrome users even safer. Currently, HTTP connections that don’t transmit personal information are marked with a neutral indicator. However, these HTTP connections are still insecure. If you load an HTTP site, someone could modify it before it reaches you. Starting in July 2018, all HTTP sites will have a “not secure” label.

Marking HTTP sites as “not secure” will hopefully educate Chrome users about which sites are secure and the ones that are insecure, and it will encourage developers to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Emily Schechter, the Chrome Security Product Manager, says, “Chrome is dedicated to making it as easy as possible to set up HTTPS. Mixed content audits are now available to help developers migrate their sites to HTTPS in the latest Node CLI version of Lighthouse, an automated tool for improving web pages.”

Google reports that more than 68 percent of traffic on Android and Windows is protected, and over 78 percent of traffic on Mac and Chrome OS is protected. If you own an HTTP site, 2018 is the year to transition to HTTPS. Transitioning to HTTPS will make your site more secure and your visitors more comfortable using the site. There may even be a slight rankings boost for secure sites.

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