Why Should You Consider Investing in Social Media?

Why It’s Important to Invest in Social Media in San Diego, CA

Social media refers to websites and applications that connect people and help them share information in real time. Some businesses see the potential of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while others view this type of engagement as a waste of time. However, did you know approximately 70 percent of internet users are active on social media, or that there are nearly 3 billion social media users around the world? Reputed internet marketing service providers share a few reasons social media is an important investment.

Create Brand Awareness

Social networks are essentially the news channels for your brand, and you get to control the content and the messaging. When you use social media platforms that are a perfect match for your customer base, you’ll have many opportunities to cut through the online clutter and boost your brand’s visibility. Specifically, your brand could get noticed on social media with:

  • Partnerships with influential social media users within your niche or industry
  • Inclusion in the newsfeeds of active users
  • Relevant content that provides useful information in the form of articles or videos

Build Relationships

According to one study, more than half of all Americans are loyal to the brands they follow on social media. Social engagement allows you to build relationships that encourage loyalty by emotionally connecting with your followers. Based on the comments being made, you’ll also be able to respond to specific needs and see which topics related to your brand are of interest to your customers.

Provide Better Customer Service

The real-time nature of social media means you can improve your customer service efforts. Even if there’s an issue involved, customers tend to appreciate an honest effort to resolve issues with a quick response via social media. Customers also tend to appreciate acknowledgements of their positive feedback. You can also use customer feedback on your social platforms to learn what steps you may be able to take to enhance customer service.

Increase Traffic and SEO

Google and other leading search engines consider social media engagement a sign of a brand’s popularity. Search engine crawlers also know which social media pages are driving traffic back to your site. Directing traffic to specific landing pages on your website can boost the visibility of those pages.

Get More Return on Your Investment

There will be some investment required to create fresh content that encourages engagement on your preferred social media platforms. Even so, it’s an investment that can easily pay for itself by:

  • Driving more traffic back to your website
  • Giving you more opportunities to get conversions
  • Allowing you to reach out directly to customers in specific geographic areas
  • Increasing interest in your products or services with tactics such as treating social media followers to “exclusive” offers or giving them first word about upcoming sales, promotions, or specials

Nearly all marketers use social media to some extent, but more than 80 percent say they aren’t sure which tools to use. However, with the right approach to social media management, this type of engagement has the potential to be effective and beneficial for any brand.

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