How to Make Your Landing Page Effective

Tips on Making Landing Pages Effective in San Diego, CA

A website typically consists of a general homepage and several more specific landing pages, which could be things like order or subscription forms. If you plan to invest in professional web design, you’ll definitely want a high-quality landing page to attract more searchers. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego web design company share a few tips on how to make your landing page effective.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Whether it’s selecting a specific product or providing the required information to complete a purchase, a landing page has to convince visitors to take a certain action, which means it can’t be cluttered. People tend to scan first before reading, so make your landing page stand out by:

  • Making it clear what the purpose is
  • Minimizing or eliminating navigation (people don’t go to a landing page to go elsewhere on your site)
  • Keeping all info short and concise (e.g. brief product descriptions, simple checkout procedures)
  • Using relevant images where appropriate
  • Including simple “nudges” (e.g. “enter your coupon code here” or “click here to complete your purchase”)

Make It Look Professional

People are likely to feel uncomfortable entering credit card information or even providing their email addresses if the landing page is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure to remove such errors from your landing page and pay attention to the layout and design. It should be professional and reflective of your brand and industry.

Include Praise About Your Business

If you are trying to convince visitors to choose your products or services from a landing page, give them an added incentive to do so. One common way to offer incentive is by including some positive things about your business, but this needs to be kept within reason. You don’t want to clutter your landing pages with too much self-praise. Effective incentives for clicking the landing page typically involve:

  • A few testimonials from previous customers
  • Related product suggestions (Amazon does this very well)
  • Notable awards or honors (pick the most relevant one)

Maintain Consistency

Many businesses use their ads to direct visitors to specific landing pages. When doing this, make sure the landing page is consistent with the same messaging, and follow through on whatever is offered in your ad. In other words, don’t offer “free shipping on every order” in your ad and then have your landing page clarify it with “free shipment on every order over $50.” Be upfront from the beginning, and further boost the effectiveness of your landing pages by:

  • Having a clear call to action
  • Asking for minimal information (people tend to be cautious about providing too much personal info)
  • Focusing more on specific benefits rather than features (gives people a reason to take action)
  • Keeping important details on the upper portion of the page that visitors often see first
  • Including some of your relevant keywords you use elsewhere to maintain consistency (also helps with ranking)

With landing pages, you’ll have an opportunity to encourage specific actions, target searchers looking for certain products or services, and track the results of your various campaigns. Landing pages are appealing because all engagement is highly trackable.

To create effective landing pages for your business, turn to Saba SEO. Our experts can analyze your business objectives, promotional offers, and target audience, and design compelling landing pages that can increase your conversion rate. We are a leading SEO company in San Diego with an international client base and several years of experience in search engine optimization, content marketing, and web design & development. To talk to one of our digital marketing experts, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.