5 Key Differences between Marketing and Sales

Marketing vs Sales

Due to some overlap in goals, many people assume that marketing and sales is the same thing. However, this is not the case. Today, Saba Inc., a trusted online marketing company in San Diego is going to share some of the key differences that marketing departments have from sales teams.

  1. Marketing is macro-targeted

    One of the biggest differences between marketing and sales departments is their intended audience. The marketing department’s goal is to target entire demographics of people to get them interested in their products. Alternatively, a salesperson’s job is to target specific individuals and convince them to make a purchase.

  2. Marketing generates leads that sales converts

    Overall, the job of marketing is to generate leads that the sales department can act on. For example, a marketing department may advertise a new mobility scooter to senior citizens. Due to the advertising, seniors may contact the company. It is the job of sales to convert those leads into actual purchases.

  3. Marketing typically comes first

    Research into marketing possibilities is usually one of the first steps of the research and development process for a product. If a product cannot be properly marketed to a subsection of consumers, it will never make it out of the research phase. The sales department only comes in later when the product actually exists and can be sold.

  4. Marketing is a longer term strategy

    Marketing is about a bigger picture with a longer view. Some marketing proposals may include multi-tiered advertising campaigns that span everything from print ads to pay-per-click strategies. These are often carried out over a few months, with very successful campaigns lasting for years. Alternatively, a sales person needs to focus on the imminent concern of moving product as quickly as possible.

  5. Marketing is more about branding

    Marketing shapes the branding for a company and its products. For most people, advertisements are the way consumers are informed about a product, and it will go on to shape their attitudes and feelings about the brand. While sales personnel can also affect branding, their influence is not as eminent.

The above are just some of the differences between marketing and sales, two vital pieces of the business model that should be used to support one another. To learn more about marketing your business in today’s online world, reach out to Saba Inc. We offer a wide range of services that can be customized to your needs including search engine optimization, ppc management, web design and development and mobile app development. Call us at 858-277-1717 and schedule a complimentary website audit or simply have a conversation with one of our marketing specialists.