Making Your Landing Pages Work for You

Increase Click Through Rates with Landing Pages

Business owners, SEOs, and AdWords managers in San Diego all know the majority of sales and marketing efforts share one goal: conversion. This means getting potential customers to take that next step, and it all starts with your landing page.

What problem does it solve?

Instead of prattling off the features of your product, you might want to play on visitor needs by sympathizing with a problem and telling how your product solves it. They may already be familiar with similar products and don’t need more facts–they’re only interested in how your particular offer helps them.

Add Video

If you have a more complicated offer to present visitors, it may be easier for both you and potential customers if you show an explanatory video rather than paragraphs of text. Give it a prominent place on your page so it can’t be missed. And, of course, make sure it’s a quality video that’s both entertaining and informative.

Highlight Product Features

Video does have certain drawbacks, such as the assumption that your visitors will have the patience to sit and watch. Sometimes it’s better to break down your product’s features and benefits into a bulleted list of well-worded phrases they can quickly scan and assimilate. Also, search engines can’t index video, so inserting keywords where possible may work to your benefit.

Remember the Marketing Funnel

“Cold” leads are visitors who never heard of your product and take more convincing than people already more familiar. The funnel works by directing visitors through a brief series of pages that present further information, such as features, reviews, and special offers, each connected by a prominently displayed link. The idea is to keep visitors hooked on an interactive setup that has them primed and informed by the time they reach the actual purchase page.

Create a Web Hub

Most users don’t buy right away. You could keep them coming back by making your page a central hub. Include related videos, articles, and useful links that make you an authority on the subject who they are more likely to purchase from.

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