Why Is Website Structure So Important for SEO?

Is Website Structure So Important for SEO in San Diego, CA

Transforming your messy-looking website into a thoughtfully organized tool is key to your SEO success. A well-planned website structure leads to better user experience (UX), which ultimately leads to improved SEO ranking. How do you reach the next level of website structure? The San Diego web design specialists at Saba SEO share a few tips on how to achieve a solid website structure and why it’s important for SEO.


The frame of your website structure is keywords. Those keywords help you easily organize your content. Gather up all of your keywords, including branded keywords, your competitors’ keywords, and related keywords. Then determine which keywords are appropriate for your business.

Grouped Keywords

Creating a structure requires similar things to be together. You’ll take the keywords you’ve compiled and group them together. You should have a main topic with several subsections.

Updated URL Structure

Make sure your URL structure is easy to read and short in length. Your domain and a bunch of numbers aren’t pleasing or useful to the user. Enhance the UX by changing that bunch of numbers to words that describe what users are actually looking at. What’s easier to look at, www.yourdomain.com/car?8343834348343 or www.yourdomain.com/car-products? When users look up and see what’s on the bar, they know if they’re looking for car products, they’re on the right page. A bunch of numbers doesn’t let them know they’re correctly navigating your site.

Internal Linking

You have your topics and your subtopics all organized on your website. Now link them to each other. The topics page should have internal links to all related subtopics. The subtopics should all relate to each other and have internal links.

Don’t be afraid to have unrelated topics connected with internal links. This allows your customers to stay on your page longer, and it also demonstrates to Google that your site is authoritative. If people are staying on your site longer, this means you have good, easy-to-read information, which brings up your SEO ranking and improves your business.At Saba SEO, we can help you structure your website to optimize your SEO. As a leading SEO company in San Diego, we have developed websites and improved the search engine rankings of businesses all over the globe. Our team relies on a variety of white hat tactics to help organizations reach out to more customers online and attract high-quality leads. We provide search engine optimization, web design, content development, social media management, and paid marketing services. Call one of our SEO Managers at 858-277-1717 to schedule an appointment.