The Psychology of Search Engine Marketing

SEO Mind Trick in San Diego, CA

While it is easy to view each of your website visitors as a statistic, you should understand that each one is a person that arrived at your site through a unique psychological process. By getting inside the heads of your visitors, you can discover how to increase the potential of your SEM and pay-per-click marketing efforts.

Understand Consumers

Keep in mind different groups of people will think of certain keywords when they are searching for a particular service or product. By paying attention to the age group and gender of your target audience, you can discover the keywords that will draw in the customers. This can increase your conversions and long-term profits. To better understand your target audience, you can learn from your existing clients and customers. Through direct conversation or surveys, ask them how they came to your site and be sure that they answer you in a detailed manner. You can compare all of the information you receive to discover trends that can be used to improve your internet marketing efforts.

Create Engaging Content

As a general rule, people like to be entertained. You should take advantage of this by including photos, interesting facts, or humor in your content. This is especially useful on social media platforms where you will quickly be rewarded with shares and re-tweets for your wit or entertainment value. People are also more likely to remember an image than a dry line of text, so include some great photos that are relevant to your business.

Write Content for How People Search

When people enter a query into a search engine, they are not always using the one or two keywords that you anticipated when you wrote your most recent article. Instead they are using the keywords along with a chain of question words like ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘why’. Writing tags and keywords in question form can help improve your SEO efforts.

Learn Why People Share Content

Carefully analyze your target audience and anticipate why they may share your articles with friends, coworkers, and family members. Many people share content because it is entertaining, relatable, or supports a cause they believe in.

By examining the psychology of consumers, you can increase website traffic and conversions. Get ahead of the competition by constantly thinking of what your audience may be thinking.

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