Why Paid Clicks Are Dominating Organic Clicks

The Reason Why Paid Clicks Are Triumphing Over Organic Clicks in San Diego, CA

Google has made considerable changes in how search results are treated and served, and San Diego PPC campaign management experts are closely observing these changes. Research shows that the total shares on clicks per page of e-commerce sites have been decreasing drastically, with mobile clicks declining more rapidly than the ones on desktops.

These significant search engine changes imply digital marketers should pay close attention or get left behind. Voice assisted searches such as Siri and Alexa have a revolutionary impact on the industry and bring a significant growth in the mobile sector.

Over the last 20 months, Google has been seen placing AdWords ads on top of its search engine results page. Digital marketers can embrace the 3-pack system to ensure their results come to the top. Investing in the 3-pack system is one of the most reliable ways to ensure your page remains on top of Google search results.

The following may be the reasons organic clicks are becoming less popular:

  • Ads create more demand
  • More prominent ads are given bigger space
  • Google Shopping shows up on more queries

To benefit from this shift in search engine dynamics, consider customizing ads to a mobile version. If your website is made for desktops, you may have to make it responsive and mobile-friendly. Since people are now using their cellphones to make web searches, consider keeping a phone tracking system to ensure all your customers’ demands are met.

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