What Impact Can Website Speed Have on SEO?

Does Website Speed Affect SEO in San Diego, CA

Page speed does have an impact on ranking, which is the basic goal of search engine optimization. For top-tier San Diego SEO companies such as Saba SEO, this comes as no surprise, and Google further confirmed this fact with its Algorithm Speed Update. Here’s a closer look at how the speed of websites and individual pages can affect SEO.

Webpage Performance Will Be a Bigger Thing in 2021

In early 2020, the Google algorithm update that includes page and website speed was announced. It’s specific to user experience on various webpages. In late 2020, Google further announced this update will fully go into effect in May of 2021.

What Slow Website Speed Can Do

The typical attention span these days is less than 10 seconds. This is one reason website speed that’s not as fast as it could or should be will just end up frustrating visitors, especially ones accessing your site from mobile devices. If visitors to your site are frustrated, you may end up with:

• Increased bounce rates
• Fewer conversions
• Reduced online interactions and engagement

How Slow Page Speed Impacts You in Other Ways

Slow website speed is more than just an annoyance for visitors. It can also drive your customers to your competitors’ sites. You may also no longer get positive reviews, which could further affect your SEO success.

Possible Causes & Solutions

There are many factors that can affect website speed and, in turn, your SEO results. For example, code issues can slow things down. Other possible culprits include:

• Too many images per page or images that aren’t fully or properly optimized
• JavaScript issues
• Overdoing it with Flash content
• Too many HTTP requests

Google has a PageSpeed Insights tool you can use to get specific details about the speed and performance of your various webpages. This will give you a better idea of what’s going on with your site’s speed. Just enter a URL, and you’ll get an easy-to-view summary of key speed and performance factors.

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