Top PPC Strategies to Consider

PPC Tricks & Tactics to Try in San Diego, CA

How are your PPC campaigns doing? Even if the answer is “fine,” there’s always room for improvement. It can also pay off for you if you make an effort to broaden your knowledge of how paid ads can be managed and give some other pay-per-click tricks and tactics a try. The San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO offer some recommendations below.

Gain More Target Audience Insights

Dive into your Google Ads data via Google Analytics, and you should be able to pick up some details and insights about your target audience. One way to do this is to check the affinity category to look at conversion rates for specific site visitors to determine how to focus your ads.

Look at “In-Market” Behaviors

As long as you’re exploring your PPC-related stats, take a look at your in-market segments. This report shows what actions or online behaviors are associated with consumers who are currently in the market for your products or services. If you’re noticing any inconsistencies, make appropriate adjustments to your campaigns.

Use RSAs to Expand Your Target Audience

Responsive search ads, or RSAs, are ads that are run based on an AI-driven analysis of different title and description combinations. Fine-tune your RSA results by experimenting with keywords or audiences beyond your usual target audience. What this does is give you a chance to broaden your audience if you’re noticing meaningful results.

Determine Your CPA & ROAS Goals

Google Ads now has automation features that give you the option to manage campaigns based on specific costs per acquisition and return on ad spend. However, this ability will only be beneficial if you take the time to figure out your CPA and ROAS goals for your various campaigns.

Finally, be a bit more selective with how you run your remarketing campaigns. Boost your ROI with remarketing PPC ads by paying attention to your site data. For example, you’re more likely to see better results if you focus more on visitors who spent more time on your site than ones who came, saw, and quickly left.

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