Tips to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business Growth

How Pinterest can Help in Business Growth in San Diego, CA

Pinterest is an often underused form of social media that can help your business grow and get traffic to your website. However, Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and art projects for women. Currently, men are about 40 percent of all users. This platform can help you showcase your product, or even your service. Rated as one of the most distinguished San Diego marketing companies, the experts at Saba SEO share a few amazing tips on how you can use Pinterest for your business growth.

Create a Fully Loaded Profile

A completed Pinterest profile is the easiest way to grow your Pinterest traffic. A profile includes a photo image of your company brand or your distinctive logo. Make sure to name your Pinterest site with your business name to solidify your online branding strategy. Always include information about your business that clearly explains who you are and what you offer. Don’t forget to include the URL of your business so Pinterest users can find you.

Post Regularly on Pinterest

Just as with your blog or website, your Pinterest views increase with your activity. Views vary when you pin, but you should pin often.

Utilize Pinterest as a Search Tool

Businesses often forget that Pinterest is a valuable search tool and indexing machine. Pinterest users can search for a variety of terms and keywords to find your product or service. By using the same rules of SEO, as you do for your website, you can lead customers to your products.

Tell Your Story

Your business has a story to tell, and Pinterest is an opportunity to do more than share photos of your products. This is an opportunity to showcase your employees, show beautiful photos of your company picnic, and even share the inspiration behind some of your most popular products.

Cross Pin

Re-posting pins onto different themed boards can increase your business growth. For example, you may create a sports-themed hat that is popular all year round but could make a good holiday gift. Create a Christmas board and pin your product. Now your pin will be included for both those searching for a Christmas gift or for a sports-themed hat.

Take Great Photos

As with other forms of social media, good photos are a must for successful Pinterest pages. Use good keywords when naming your photos. Make sure your pins are 2×3, 600 x 900 pixels. The long giraffe pins are now penalized by Pinterest.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are helpful in including your pin to a search result. You can add up to 20 hashtags that relate to the pin. The key is to include each physical item or use hashtags separately. For example, if you’re posting a gluten-free chocolate chip cake, you would individually hashtag the words gluten free, chocolate, and cake. Make sure to note that hashtags are only useful on Pinterest if they relate to the items included.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest has been the best platform for businesses. Pinterest offers relevant results to users. Its features like brand promotion, search engine optimization, and analytics with actionable insights have been a must-have strategy for business growth. If you want to grow your business using Pinterest, then Saba SEO is the right fit. We are a pioneer agency specializing in internet marketing. San Diego businesses and companies all over the globe can talk to our marketing experts at 858-277-1717 to find out how we can help you grow your business.