7 Reasons to Use PPC Advertising

What are the Reasons to Use PPC Advertising in San Diego, CA

PPC (points per click) advertising can be a quick way to build up your website in a shorter time. PPC tools like Google Ads are one way to get into PPC advertising. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO explain 7 advantages of using PPC advertising.

1. Speed

Unlike SEO (search engine optimization), which organically relies on attracting customers to your site, PPC can offer your site immediate results. You could post a Google Ad and on the same day get customers on your site. This isn’t always the case with SEO. Even the best-strategized SEO content marketing plan can take up to two years to see real progress.

2. Target Audience

PPC targets your potential audience, which means the right customers are visiting your site.

3. Local Markets

Your business can corner the local market by using local keywords. Local keywords are often overlooked, which can help you beat out your competition.

4. Negative Keywords

Just as you can target keywords, with PPC, you can also target negative keywords, which can help you prevent your ad from showing up in that search. For example, if you sell glass house windows, you want to make sure you don’t get your ad in front of those searching for car windshield replacement glass. This will save you money.

5. Tracking

You can track which advertisements are doing best for your organization, then create a separate landing page for each of those ads and learn what your most effective PPC advertising strategy is.

6. The Right Keywords

Can PPC help SEO? Absolutely. You can test out potential keywords with PPC and get immediate data. This data can help you determine if you’ll pursue using those keywords in your SEO strategy, saving you money.

7. No Bidding Wars

PPC can help you save money instead of getting into a keyword bidding war with your competitors. You only pay for those customers who click the ad.

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