4 PPC Strategies to Use When Competing with Directory Sites

4 Tips on PPC for Businesses Competing with Directory Sites in San Diego, CA

Directory sites can be general in nature or related to specific services, subjects, fields, or industries. They can also be appealing to searchers who want a quick overview of various sites in one convenient place. However, if you’re running pay-per-click ads, directory sites can divert your audience’s attention away from your ads. Whether you’re managing your own PPC campaign or outsourcing the task to a reliable internet marketing service provider, here are a few ways you can compete with directory sites.

1. Use Location Qualifiers

Searchers can sometimes get confused when seeing directory listings and paid ads mixed together. You can use location qualifiers to tell the searchers that your listing is for one particular business that serves a specific geographic area. Since most people surf the web on mobile devices that detect their location, increase your odds of getting your ad noticed with qualifiers that include:

• “near me”
• “in my area”
• “[name of service you provide] in [name of city where you are located]” (e.g. “affordable long-term senior care in Jacksonville”)

2. Further Emphasize Location with Location Extensions

Location extensions allow your address and normal business hours to be included in your paid ad. Additionally, there’s a link to a map, which can be a plus if your goal is to use your ad to boost in-person visits. Location extensions can also make your ad stand out more from directory sites. Also, directory sites aren’t able to use location extensions since they just list sites with physical addresses they don’t own.

3. Use Local Keywords

Even with directory sites specific to a certain city, there are likely to be listings included from nearby locations. Make it clear to searchers that you serve a particular area by naturally including local keywords in your ads. You can even go beyond the name of your location or the geographic area you are targeting and focus on specific neighborhoods with different PPC ads.

4. Explore Other Ad Extensions

Take a moment to explore some of the other extensions you can use to make your ads stand out. For instance, you might use a sitelink if you want to encourage people who see your ad to come in for a tour, test drive, or a bite to eat. Other ad extensions that might help you out include:

• Callout extensions to promote special offers
• Review extensions that present third-party review info about your business in your ads and a link to outside sources for those reviews (ex: “A+ Accredited Rating” with a link to the Better Business Bureau site)
• Seller ratings (determined by Google from variables like third-party review aggregators)
• Consumer ratings (also automated by Google)

Another way to compete with directory sites is to present a PPC ad copy that’s compelling and attention-grabbing. PPC ads that usually generate the most interest focus on a single offer or ads enhanced by a relevant image. Of course, you can’t eliminate competition from directory sites or other ads, but you can be diligent about testing and streamlining your ad copy in a way that effectively targets your intended audience.

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