Optimizing Your Real Estate Website

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In the world of real estate, it helps to have an Internet presence. If you’re just starting out with search engine marketing, there are some creative ways to optimize your website. Read on to learn more about what you can do to efficiently market your real estate website.

Target Local Keywords and Phrases 

The majority of homebuyers will start their search with highly targeted traffic like “real estate in Minneapolis.” Although many real estate agencies service multiple cities, start with the city where either the office is or where the most transactions occur. Once those keywords are ranking, you can move onto others. Other terms you can use to help get targeted traffic include:

– Minneapolis real estate 
– Minneapolis real estate listings
– Minneapolis real estate agent
– Minneapolis real estate agency 
– Minneapolis homes for sale

You also what to use the inverse of all of these, like “homes for sale in Minneapolis.”

Use Photos and Videos to Your Advantage 

Real estate websites lend themselves to lots of photos and videos. Do not overlook this opportunity to boost your SEO ranking. For prospective home buyers the more pictures the better and if you can post a video for them to virtually tour the home, all the better. You can also post pictures of your office, your staff, as well as videos of testimonials from satisfied homebuyers. Some estimates say real estate websites with videos get 400 percent more inquiries than listings without. Photos and videos are also a chance to use keywords, meta data, and alt tags to juice your SEO marketing strategy efforts. 

Write Blogs Featuring Homes You Want to Sell 

Your real estate business likely has lots of homes it is trying to sell, and there are probably a few homes you would really like to unload. Take the opportunity to post blogs about these homes. Not only does this advertise the house you are trying to sell, you can take advantage of SEO-boosting techniques including Alt tags, title tags, the description and, of course, the content itself. Just make sure you don’t short change yourself. Google wants to see at least 200 words.

Consider other options for your website and how you can boost website traffic with help from San Diego digital marketing agencies like Saba SEO. Our qualified experts have been helping business optimize their website since 2003 and are always available to help. Call (858) 277-1717 today to get a free consultation.