Without Engaging Quality Content, You’re Wasting Your Time.

Did you know… 61% of customers are more likely to purchase goods from businesses that offer custom content? And with 27 million pieces of online content shared daily, the importance of engaging quality content rises exponentially.

Quality content is not a new concept. The content on a website was originally intended for customers, not search robots, and it still needs to serve that purpose. With major search engines focusing on creating the best possible experience for users, websites that offer relevant and engaging information stand to gain the most visibility. Investing in original, quality content is essential to SEO success and lead generation and sales. Your content, maybe even a few emphasized keywords or phrases, could be the difference between a prospective customer staying to learn more or visiting a competitor’s website.

Google Views Content as an Important Ranking Factor

When you type a word into a search box, you are presented with a number of websites that match your search query. You then click one of the listings to view the information. There are times when the listing you clicked is not what you are looking for and you immediately click the back button, returning to the search results page after a matter of seconds.

The time it took you to return to the search results page is an example of an engagement metric, one of the ways search engines such as Google determine quality content (since search engines are robots and cannot interpret information as humans do). By immediately returning to the search results page, you have suggested to Google that the website may not be relevant to your search term. One click is not enough information to determine whether content is relevant or compelling; however, when added to the millions of search queries performed a day, provides Google with a relatively good idea of the content’s quality. Without quality content that is engaging and valuable to your consumers, you will be unable to achieve favorable rankings. Learn more about Google’s ranking algorithm and see how your content would rank.

How Our Content Writing Services are Different

We know business owners are not professional writers and although they have in-depth knowledge of their industry, they may not be able to effectively communicate it in writing. At Saba SEO, our content team works with you to learn who you are as a business and what you hope to achieve with your content. Our goal is to take the knowledge you have of your industry and make it accessible to your customers while also following SEO best practices. With your input, we will determine how much of your current content can be used and if we need to redesign certain pages or your entire site for best results.

SEO Content & Copywriting Specialists

With Saba SEO, you don’t have to learn about all the details of content writing and what is needed for your website to successfully rank. We take care of all your content needs from providing high quality and unique content to creating a strong internal link structure (a primary Google ranking factor). Our expertise and knowledge of SEO content and copywriting provides clients with peace of mind knowing their website is presenting professional, credible and engaging information to customers.

A single paragraph has the ability to create a purchase. Update your content today and contact Saba SEO at 858-277-1717 to get started with a free website and content evaluation.