How Would Your Content Rank in Google’s Search Algorithm?

Successful content that is search engine friendly provides the right balance between content that is relevant to the website and the keywords. It is extremely important to use the right amount of keyword density for best results. When SEO first became popular, a website could achieve a page one ranking by keyword stuffing a page, filling the content with a keyword as many times as possible. This often resulted in unnatural sounding content that was of no use to the customer.

To prevent this from happening, Google refined their ranking algorithm. In recent years they have introduced machine learning which mimics, as closely as possible, how a human would evaluate content. Google used human evaluators to sift through thousands of websites to search for low quality content. Search engine robots were configured to use these websites as a baseline. When they could accurately predict what a human would judge as low quality content, the machine learning metric was incorporated into the search algorithm and introduced across millions of websites. The result was a dramatic rearrangement of more than 20 percent of Google’s search results. Businesses that were once on page one could no longer be found and others began to appear almost magically. Ranking metrics have drastically changed the standard for website content and have given businesses another reason to shift their focus to producing high quality content.

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