The Most Successful SEO Campaigns Start with the Right Keywords

Did you know… 91% of online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing? Search is the number one driver to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.

Ranking for the right keywords is essential to increasing your search traffic and financial return. Saba SEO is a trusted San Diego SEO company that provides comprehensive keyword research service to businesses throughout the nation. With more than a decade of experience in the SEO industry, we have a clear understanding of how vital keyword research is for businesses. In fact, without proper keyword research, your business may suffer from poorly designed and ineffective marketing strategies and misspent budgets. Picking the right keywords is often the difference between a successful and failed SEO campaign.

Performing Keyword Research for High Volume Keywords

The idea behind keyword research is straightforward. First, find popular keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for online. This can be done using online keyword generator tools. Simply type in words or phrases you think are relevant to your business and related search terms, as well as the amount of people searching each term, will be generated. By optimizing your site according to these high volume keywords, you drive traffic to your site and thus increase profit. However, it’s not always about getting visitors to your site, it’s about getting the right kind of visitors. It is important to not only select keywords with the highest volume, but to make sure the keywords selected are from customers who may be ready to make a purchase.

Not All Keywords are Equal, Let Us Explain.

With every typed search, there is intention. Successful SEO evaluates more than keyword popularity and looks at what customers are actually typing into a search field. Knowing the customer is typing something with the intent of finding specific information, business can optimize for those searched keywords and can generate traffic that is not only targeted, but has a higher conversion rate.

For instance, let’s say you sell phone cases through your website. Although “phone cases” is a word you want to optimize for, an individual who types phone cases into a search query may only want information and have no intent to buy. A keyword phrase such as “phone cases under 25 dollars” will provide a customer with a high intent to buy. Although search volume may be less, the conversion rate will likely be higher and thus be more valuable to your business.

Achieving Page One Ranking with Researched Keywords

There are many SEO companies who offer keyword research service, promising guaranteed results and even page one ranking in Google and other search engines. Companies who guarantee page one ranking do so for keywords that no prospective customer is going to type in. Therefore, there is less competition and they are able to achieve page one and even number one placements.

One of our clients who was utilizing another SEO firm was extremely excited to consistently see his business appear as number one in Google for more than six months. Unfortunately, he felt that he was not generating new leads or business from the Internet. When we did a website analysis for him, we found out the keywords his site was optimized for were extremely low in demand, and as a result, his number one ranking in Google was irrelevant. At Saba SEO, we are committed to helping our clients establish an internet presence using only the most ethical and best practices.

Providing the Most Valuable Keywords to Our Clients

At Saba SEO, we offer a comprehensive keyword research service and work closely with our clients to learn about their current keyword strategy, business goals and industry. Generating keywords is more than inputting words into a keyword tool. We use our knowledge and expertise to find unique keywords that yield enhanced conversion rates, clicks, leads and sales. Our keyword analysis tools help take the guess work out of the SEO process and enable us to provide the most valuable keywords to our clients.

Learn how Saba SEO can help your business and call us at 866.937.1717 to get your SEO ranking and website analysis report.