Link Building is an Investment that Provides Lasting Benefits

Did you know… A PR strategy that includes SEO has a 275% higher return on investment, according to Procter and Gamble? Plus, inbound leads from SEO cost 61% less on average than outbound leads (such as cold calls or print advertising).

Quality links to your website can boost your search engine rankings and bring direct visitors to your site. At Saba SEO, we specialize in link building and help our clients increase their online visibility through well-organized and targeted link building campaigns. After our team of expert San Diego link building professionals has performed a thorough link analysis of your market, they will create a customized link building plan to help establish your business as a leader in the industry.

The Importance of Quality Link Building

Links are the most important external signal that can boost the ranking of your website. Google uses links as votes, helping to determine which web pages have the most authority. If a web page attracts links from other pages, the more popular and important it is, and thus the more relevant it is to searchers. However, similar to many other aspects of SEO, businesses found ways to abuse the link building guidelines set by Google. They began spamming forums and blogs, positing their own links as threads or comments to increase traffic to their site. Some businesses even resorted to buying links from other websites.

To solve this problem, Google made an update to their algorithm. In Google’s current ranking algorithm, not all links are created equal. Some links carry more weight than others because they are considered to be more credible and of better quality. For example, a link from a large, well known source like the Wall Street Journal has more credibility than a link from a random blog. Not only does this penalize businesses who utilize spammy link building practices, it forces businesses to seek trustworthy links that will be beneficial to the customer.

Link Building Promises that Sounds Too Good to be True

Many businesses that have attempted link building on their own have found the process to be frustrating and time consuming. As a result, they’ve turned to unreliable San Diego link building companies who promise links from hundreds of websites within a short time period for a low flat rate. SEO experts know that while this may be possible, these companies are likely using unethical and spammy techniques. As we mentioned before, it’s about quality not quantity. A website with three or four quality links can rank higher than a website with hundreds, even thousands of low quality links.

Long-Term Benefits of Link Building

Unlike other channels of advertising such as print, radio or television, quality links often stay in place. As a result, link building should be viewed as an investment because it continues to influence customers for years, thus constantly creating new traffic and sales. Furthermore, Google factors the age of your links and how they were acquired over time into their ranking algorithm. Links that you acquired years ago continue to influence your rakings, making it more and more difficult for competitors to compete with you while also bringing in new customers.

Build a Varied & Natural Looking Link Profile

At Saba SEO, we know that developing incoming links does not mean creating as many links as possible. We take the time to understand your industry and provide quality links from well established and relevant websites. Our San Diego link building experts will submit your website to multiple directories, blogs and article sites and contact toped ranked websites for link exchanges. With Saba SEO, you can rest assured that we only use ethical link building practices to achieve lasting results. For more information about our link building services or a free website analysis, please contact us at 858-277-1717.