4 Reasons SEOs Are Important in a Social Media Campaign

Why SEOs are Important for Social Media Campaign in San Diego, CA

The “new” approach to search engine optimization involves placing an emphasis on keyword intent and searching a user’s needs. As a result, Google is paying more attention to the content distributed on various social media pages, which means you may have to focus on SEO if you’re launching a social media campaign. Here are 4 major benefits of using SEO in social media marketing.

1. Spread Your Message Faster

By incorporating SEO elements into your social media campaigns, you can attract attention to your social content. Google and other search engines also look at social media signals to determine the content that sparks conversations and encourages people to comment and share. All this commenting and sharing can get your message to the masses faster.

2. Reach New Audiences

Without amplification, well-crafted, relevant content may not do you any favors. SEO can amplify your message across various platforms. With carefully selected keywords and strategic links, you can also reach out to new and more receptive audiences.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is often the primary goal of social media campaigns. Google lumps your content’s amplification with brand awareness into what’s termed “co-citation.” If you succeed with both goals, Google will consider your content and your brand more trustworthy.

4. Take Advantage of Social Indexing

All major search engines now incorporate social media profiles in their indexing efforts. The most noticeable example of this is the Twitter posts that show up on Google results pages. By mixing in SEO with your social campaigns, your social content can be just as prominent as the other content related to your business.

With social media being used as a tool to distribute content, it’s easy to see why SEO should be a part of any social campaign. Experts at Saba SEO can help you choose social media platforms likely to resonate well with your intended audience. We can combine SEO and social media to create an effective marketing plan for your business, track results, and make changes if needed. Call us at 858-951-1717 to schedule an appointment.