SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

URL is not an important ranking factor, but this doesn’t make it useless. Even the best SEO firm in San Diego County will tell you URLs can influence clicks if optimized correctly. If a searcher sees a URL that accurately describes what it leads to or what the site is, he or she is more likely to choose it over one that’s more generic. Optimize your URLs for ranking purpose by keeping the following best practices in mind.

Make URLs Readable to Humans

If your URL contains random numbers, letters, and symbols, searchers will likely avoid it. Try to make your URL as clear as possible by making it reflective of your brand or the specific content it leads to. Also, use hyphens or underscores to increase readability.

Use Keywords in Your URLs

Some searchers are inherently suspicious of links. However, if they hover over a link and see a few keywords that suggest they’ll be redirected to a website that offers what they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to click it. Just remember to focus on a few relevant keywords. URLs also get a boost from keywords when:

  • They are copied and pasted
  • They serve as anchor text on search engine results pages
  • Searchers need added incentives to choose one link over another that offers similar products or services

Keep URLs Short

Leading search engines like Google and Bing can handle both long and short URLs with equal efficiency, but searchers tend to prefer shorter ones for several reasons. First, excessively long URLs usually come off looking bulky and junky. Also, it’s easier to copy, paste, and share URLs that are shorter. Further streamline your URLs by:

  • Minimizing the use of words like “a,” “and,” “or,” “but,” and “the”
  • Removing unnecessary characters
  • Getting rid of words that won’t affect meaning

Creating a successful SEO strategy involves paying attention to smaller details such as URLs. Using all lowercase letters in URLs to avoid confusing search engines and relying on canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content penalties can make a noticeable difference with online engagement and visibility.

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