SEO Agency Success Stories

Success Stories Of SEO Agency in San Diego, CA

SEO can seem more like an obscure theory until it’s actually used in real world situations. There is often something to learn by looking at how various SEO agencies in San Diego and other cities manage unexpected situations affecting online visibility. These success stories emphasize the value of working with a reliable agency.

1. Overcoming a Competitor’s Advantage

One agency had a client in Atlanta losing out to a competitor when they could no longer count on traditional yellow pages advertising. To make things worse, the client’s main competitor was already having success with its online strategy. The agency put together a new online engagement plan involving organic SEO, paid search, and a conversion strategy, which resulted in more attention from online searchers and more leads.

2. Frustration Over Lackluster Paid Search Results

Paid campaigns can become expensive and difficult to justify if the ROI is low, and a client faced this dilemma when seeking help from an SEO agency. The solution was to target less competitive keywords and drive traffic to the company’s website by boosting their ranking and targeting a few carefully selected competitive keywords. As a result, the client saw a spike in email requests.

3. Dealing with an Unfamiliar Google Penalty

Seeing an unfamiliar Google penalty is a reason for concern. Even after making attempts to clean up forums and remove anything remotely suspicious, Google still insisted there was an issue with user-generated spam. The SEO agency came up with a comprehensive approach to spam protection, which included restrictions on how many posts new users could contribute and switching user-generated links to “no-follow.” They sent a letter to Google detailing their efforts and the penalty was removed.

As a reputed SEO agency, Saba SEO can help clients manage unexpected situations that cause a dip in traffic or a drop in rankings. Our team can find solutions to your SEO concerns and undue stress. To learn more about our services and how we can help, call us at 858-951-1717.