Tips for Boosting Your Restaurant Business’s Online Visibility

How to Boost Your Restaurant Business Online Visibility in San Diego, CA

With restaurants being the most frequently searched businesses on mobile devices, eateries that offer delicious meals are going to have a lot of competition online. Google is all about relevance these days, so any information related to your restaurant should target your intended audience. Consider the following SEO tips to boost your restaurant’s online visibility.

Know Your SEO Strategy

You’ll rank better if you consult reliable internet marketing service providers and develop an SEO strategy. Start by determining how you want to categorize your restaurant in various directories. Consider embracing a niche that’s more descriptive of what you offer rather than a generic category that will have a lot of competition. An effective SEO strategy also includes:

  • Researching keywords to see what people are using to search for restaurants like yours in the same area
  • Checking up on your competitors to see how they’re targeting the same customers
  • Knowing what someone looking for your restaurant is likely to expect (affordable food, specialty dishes, great atmosphere, and convenient location.)

Go Local with Your Keywords

Most restaurants target customers in certain geographic areas. Appeal to local searchers by using local keywords in your content. Naturally reference things like local neighborhoods, streets, or even common terms for area landmarks or attractions. For instance, you might say something like, “You’ll find us directly across from the Riverfront Park just off Main Street.”

Keep Your Content as Fresh as Your Food

Google loves fresh content. If you haven’t already done so, consider starting a blog and picking a few social media platforms you can manage. Photos and videos tend to get more attention on search engines than text alone. Naturally use some of your keywords in your content and the titles and descriptions you use for your photos, images, and videos.

Encourage Reviews

Reviews have a significant impact on search engine visibility and, more importantly, on what convinces someone to choose your restaurant. Make sure your restaurant’s info is correct on online review sites, and encourage more reviews by asking customers to share their comments on your website.

To boost your online visibility, use structured data to help Google generate pieces of info about your establishment that will show up in search results (rich snippets). Don’t forget to keep page titles short, descriptive, and specific to your restaurant and its location (e.g. “Brooklyn Italian dining”).

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