3 SEO-Related Activities You Should Consider

3 SEO Tasks to Include in Your Routine in San Diego, CA

SEO strategists often stick to a checklist for maintaining their sites. However, Google’s algorithm changes all the time, so SEO strategies sometimes have to evolve as well. Here are three search engine optimization tasks you should add to your checklist, brought to you by San Diego SEO experts at Saba SEO.

1. Indexation Analysis

In the past year, Google has become strict about which pages to include in its index. Pages with thin content and other poor-quality pages that don’t offer a good user experience probably won’t make it into the index.

You can do a log file analysis to find out when Google crawled a page, but this may be too time-consuming to do every day. Another option is to use Greenlane Marketing’s free Google Indexation Tester, which will tell you whether or not your site pages are indexed.

2. Cannibalization Analysis

Cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on a site focus on the same topic or keyword, and it can be harmful to your search rankings because it forces the pages to compete with each other and splits up the CTR, content, links, and other SEO factors. It’s better to consolidate these pages into a single stronger, more optimized page than to let them compete.

If you add new content to your site frequently, check for cannibalization as often as possible. Compare your site pages that rank for shared keywords to see if you can consolidate them, or find new keywords to incorporate.

3. Discover New SEO Technologies

Every year, new tools make SEO and user experience much easier. You should experiment with these technologies as often as you can to improve your site. For example, progressive web apps allow mobile users to have an app-like experience without actually downloading an app. Everything is pre-cached, so the site loads instantly.

Another new technology to try out is AMP, or accelerated mobile pages. Like progressive web apps, these pages are pre-cached, so they load instantly on mobile devices. Using AMPs is a great way to improve user experience and rank well with Google’s mobile-first indexing.

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