Major SEO Trends in 2017

Top SEO Trends in 2017 in San Diego, CA

Although the basic rules of SEO tend to stay the same, Google’s trends change every year. In 2017, the increased use of mobile searching and browsing has had a huge impact on Google’s SEO trends. This change should affect how SEO experts optimize their sites for search engines. Experts at a leading San Diego SEO firm discuss some of the major search engine optimization trends in 2017.

Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s mobile-first indexing began in 2017, which encouraged web designers and SEO experts to prioritize their mobile websites. The vast majority of industries receive most of their site traffic from mobile users, and the percentage of desktop users is decreasing. For SEO success, website creators should make sure their mobile site has as much content and information as their desktop website.

Natural Language Comprehension

Search engine optimization tends to be all about keywords. However, Google is becoming more and more focused on natural language in queries and on web pages. Using language that naturally includes a variety of keywords is a much better strategy than awkwardly fitting one or two keywords into a site as many times as possible.

The focus on natural language has partially come about because of the increase in vocal search on mobile devices. With vocal search, more queries use plain and natural language. Google is now interested in gaining a better understanding of what users are searching for and what web documents are truly about.

Image Comprehension

In previous years, Google image search hasn’t typically been useful for attracting visitors to a site. However, in 2017, Google has become more advanced at recognizing and classifying images. Many people take photos of products when shopping and then search online for a better deal for the same products. To help with these types of searches, image recognition has become much more effective.

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