The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

What not to do in Social Media San Diego, CA

When it comes to social media marketing, there are certain rules to abide by. Consider these important do’s and don’ts while adding content to your social media accounts.


1. Complete your business’ social media profile.

2. Share useful content.

3. Use images and videos.

4. Remember that the content you share represents you, so pick carefully.

5. Be consistent about your brand identity across all social media platforms.

6. Interact with your followers. Reply, ask, share and connect just as you would in person.

7. Be transparent. If your business is criticized online, respond to it the best you can.

8. Follow the 80/20 rule. Entertain or inform in 80 percent of your posts. Sell in 20 percent of your posts.

9. Tweet thank you notes to those who mention you or retweet you.

10. Ask for permission before tagging anyone.

11. Research. Find out which social media platforms your audience likes and what they like to read. Post accordingly.

12. Add a personal touch to your social media posts. Post fun profiles of your team or spontaneous pictures from around the office.

13. Experiment with different types of media. Use video and infographics to present media in fresh and interesting ways.

14. Repurpose the same content. A blog can appear as an infographic or a video.

15. Experiment. Try news ideas, stay abreast of new trends and post different kinds of content.


1. Do not have multiple profiles of your business on the same social media platform.

2. Don’t try to get onto every social media platform that comes up. You will spread your efforts too thin.

3. Don’t beg people to “like” or “retweet”. Share great content instead.

4. Don’t post too much or too little. You can Tweet often, but aim for about two Facebook posts on the average day.

5. Don’t get defensive or delete comments in the face of controversy. Don’t ignore crises either.

6. Avoid poor grammar and incorrect spelling.

7. Don’t share the same message over and over again.

8. Don’t write in all caps. It makes you look angry.

9. Don’t overdo the hashtags in your post, unless it’s on Instagram.

10. Don’t worry about quantity (i.e. number of followers or fans) and instead focus on the quality of these relationships.

11. Avoid multichannel messages. Adapt the same content to match the platform.

12. Don’t ignore a social media account. Once you have created an account, make sure you use it. Ignored accounts look unprofessional.

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