Hallmarks of a Successful Landing Page

PPC Landing Tips for San Diego, CA Business Websites

A landing page is the destination page your customers land on when they click on your ad. Most online marketing companies believe that it only takes a few seconds for the user to decide whether to continue to stay on your web page or to hit the back button and try another website. Therefore, it is critical to have a well-optimized landing page that pulls your customers in and convinces them to take an action. So what does a successful landing page look like?

  1. Strong headline. The headline on the landing page should look like it is the next natural step of the ad that your customer just clicked. It should also make a strong statement in clear and concise terms. This way you will grab your customer’s attention and you should be able to keep them engaged a little beyond the 8 second average that research says a visitor gives to a website before being distracted by something else.
  1. Your call to action should stand out. This will likely be in the form of big bright buttons or very visible links that ask the visitor to add the product to their virtual shopping cart and buy now. Clear and strong call to actions are an absolute must for a successful ppc campaign management.

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  1. Your landing page should be mobile-friendly. Since the number of people using their mobile phones to reach you is growing exponentially, it makes sense that your website should transition well to the mobile screen. It should be easy to navigate and fast loading with an attractive design.
  1. You message should be clear, simple and unambiguous, so that the customer instantly understands why he is here. Don’t talk about the rhodium mined in Africa that you use in your product just yet. The technicalities of your product or service can wait for when the customer is more interested and digs deeper for information on your website. Instead, focus on what is in it for the customer. How will your product solve your customer’s niggling problem?
  1. An effective landing page is credible. Snake oil salesmen abound on the Internet and it is no surprise that trust ranks pretty high when customers are looking to buy online. If you are not a big brand just yet, use your landing page to build trust. You can place customers’ testimonials or media coverage that you have received as proof of your credibility. Giving away solid content in your niche (especially if the customer is not expecting it) will help you gain customers.
  1. Use the landing page to build up your database. Ask customers to subscribe to your newsletter for free or download an e-book or the recording of a webinar in exchange for their email address. Don’t ask for too much information as this deters people from filling in the form fields. Keep the information you ask for to the point, perhaps sticking to using just the name and email.
  1. Using compelling images and videos on the landing page can help sell your product.

The landing page usually serves a different purpose from the company’s homepage. Often the homepage has information about the organization –which customers are usually not looking for – while the landing page should serve as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to persuade a customer to buy or take action. It is crucial that you work these elements into your landing page, to make it more effective and turn traffic into conversion.